Our Team

The team working on an individual project may consist entirely of Coriolis staff or a combination of Coriolis and other professionals such as architects, engineers, landscape architects, environmental consultants, and lawyers.

Coriolis and Wollenberg Munro Consulting Inc. (WMCI) frequently work together as contract associates on projects of mutual interest that benefit from the combined resources of the firms.

Coriolis has considerable experience in the role of prime consultant with responsibility for managing teams of consultants from a wide range of disciplines. We also frequently work as a specialist sub-consultant on teams managed by others.

Coriolis contacts:
Blair Erb, Principal berb@
Nicole Olenick, Principal nolenick@
Michael Musacchio, Consultant mmusacchio@
Mark Savoy, Consultant msavoy@
Amandeep Kalsi, Administrator/Planning Assistant/GIS akalsi@
For enquiries to our office administrator, please email: admin@
For general enquiries, please email: consult@


Wollenberg Munro Consulting Inc. contacts:
Jay Wollenberg, Principal, WMCI jay@
Sandi Munro, Principal, WMCI smunro@


Email addresses:

For individual staff at Coriolis and our associates at WMCI, email addresses prefixes are shown above. All email addresses use the suffix  @coriolis.ca