RFP Processes

We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of Request For Proposal (RFP) processes for the disposition of assets or the procurement of developer participation in redevelopment projects or facility creation.

RFP Design and Implementation

We design and implement Requests for Proposals and Requests for Expressions of Interest for various purposes including:

  • Disposition of lands or facilities (by sale or long term lease) for urban development, via an open, competitive process.
  • Procurement of developer participation in projects or facilities, as partners or investors.

Once clients select preferred proponents, we can assist with the negotiation of business terms for purchase and sale agreements, facility leases, land leases, or development agreements.

RFP Support

We provide support services to clients that want to have a significant direct role in the implementation of an RFP but want technical back-up in key areas. In a typical situation, the client may have established procurement procedures and procurement personnel who are responsible for developing RFP documents, advertising, and dealing with proponents. In such cases, we have provided technical assistance with the development of business terms, evaluation of some aspects of proposals (typically financial terms and development concept), and negotiation of agreements with successful proponents.