Real Estate Analysis

We have extensive backgrounds in urban land economics, market analysis, financial analysis in urban development applications, and computer modeling. Our skills and experience enable us to provide a wide range of services in the analysis of development opportunities, investments, development project feasibility, land values, and development trends.

Market and Financial Analysis

Our market analysis work includes residential, office, retail, industrial, recreation uses (e.g. golf course, marina), and cultural/tourism uses (e.g. convention facilities, hotel, museums, arts facilities). The scope of our market studies can include:

  • Current market conditions.
  • Future absorption and supply.
  • Target market definition.
  • Competitive context for development proposals.
  • Development timing and phasing.
  • Selling prices or lease rates.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Design implications.

Our financial analysis work can include:

  • Revenue and cost analysis (pro formas) to determine project feasibility.
  • Financial modeling for sensitivity testing.
  • Complex modeling for large, multi-year projects.
  • Residual land analysis.
Highest and Best Use Studies

Property valuations depend on assumptions about highest and best use (the use that is legal, physically possible, financially feasible, marketable, and generates the highest land value). Because of our combined expertise in urban planning, market analysis, and financial feasibility analysis, we are often asked to participate in complex valuations by providing opinions about development potential and highest and best use.

Impact Assessment

We can apply our market and financial analysis expertise to evaluate the potential impacts of proposed developments. Our impact analysis work includes:

  • Retail market impacts of proposed major retail developments.
  • Impact of new residential development on rental housing markets.
  • Impacts of land use transitions, particularly from industrial to more intensive use.
  • Peer review of impact studies prepared by others.
  • Potential for new development to stimulate revitalization of commercial areas.