Announcements and Updates


January 01
Exciting news at Coriolis

We are pleased to announce that as of January 1, 2018 the ownership of Coriolis Consulting Corp. transitioned from the founders, Jay Wollenberg and Sandi Munro, to two long-term employees, Blair Erb and Nicole Olenick.  Blair and Nicole have been part of Coriolis for over 20 years and have been increasingly involved in the management of the firm.  Jay and Sandi will continue to work with Coriolis as associates through their new company Wollenberg Munro Consulting Inc (WMCI), so the team providing consulting services to our clients remains the same.  Email and telephone contacts are also unchanged.  We are excited to continue providing our clients with comprehensive advice in all aspects of planning, real estate analysis, and urban development under this new ownership structure.