Project Experience

Economic Development Strategies
Resilient Economic Development Strategy – Richmond, BC

Coriolis prepared a 10-year economic development strategy for the City of Richmond, BC.  With the international airport, major port facilities, primary industries including fishing and agriculture, major warehouse/distribution facilities, a technology concentration, and a significant tourism sector, Richmond has a large and diverse economy that accounts for a significant share of metro Vancouver employment.  The strategy provided practical guidance for enhancing the local economy in ways that are consistent with the goals of the City’s new Official Community Plan and that reflect the City’s priority on resilience and sustainability.

Sustainable Economic Development Strategy
City of Victoria, BC

Coriolis was been retained as the lead consultant to prepare a sustainable economic development strategy for the City of Victoria. Building on economic forecasts that Coriolis prepared as an input to the City’s new Official Community Plan, the economic development strategy outlines an action plan for employment growth that will be fiscally, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

Economic Development Strategy
Burnaby, BC

We were the project manager, lead analyst, and lead author for an economic development strategy for Burnaby. The strategy includes action plans to strengthen Burnaby’s role in key economic sectors (technology, education, tourism, health, head office) and plans to improve Burnaby’s stature as a leader in sustainable economic growth.

Employment Lands Strategy
New Westminster, BC

Building on the economic development strategy that Coriolis produced for the City, we helped the City translate its economic objectives into a detailed plan for the future use and development of lands designated for commercial and industrial development.

Industrial Lands Strategy
Burnaby, BC

This strategy was completed as input to the update of Burnaby’s Official Community Plan and Regional Context Statement. The strategy included an analysis of existing and expected regional and local economic conditions, analysis of industrial trends and forecasts, identification of the implications of the economic outlook for Greater Vancouver on Burnaby, and recommendations on which industrial areas should be retained and which should be allowed to redevelop to higher density commercial or residential uses.