Project Experience

Integrated Land Use and Transportation Planning
Transit Corridor Planning, Calgary AB

Coriolis is on the team selected for planning the proposed new north rapid transit line in Calgary. Our role includes analysis of urban development opportunities at proposed new station locations.

Transit Corridor Planning, London Ontario

Coriolis is assisting the City of London in urban development planning at station locations along proposed new light rail transit corridors, as part of a new city-wide plan. Our role includes advising on uses and development densities, as well as forecasting the likely pace of development at selected nodes.

LRT Green Line Development Planning, Calgary AB

Coriolis is part of the team selected for design and station area planning for the proposed new southeast extension of Calgary’s LRT system. Coriolis will be assisting in confirming station locations and outlining conceptual development plans for stations that are identified as good candidates for Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

LRT Station Planning, Surrey BC

Coriolis is assisting the City of Surrey in evaluating potential for transit oriented development (TOD) and higher density urban development at station locations on proposed LRT lines extending from Surrey City Centre to South Surrey and to Langley.

Transportation Infrastructure Funding Strategies

Coriolis is working with TransLink on the evaluation of potential new innovative strategies for funding future investment in rapid transit infrastructure.

Input to Long Range Regional Transportation Plan

Coriolis was selected by TransLink to participate in the preparation of Transport 2040, the new long range regional transportation plan for metropolitan Vancouver. Our role included analysis of the relationships between transportation improvements and market opportunities for new high density residential and commercial development as well as an exploration of new options for funding rapid transit projects.

Advice for Evergreen Line Site Aquisition

Coriolis provided expert urban planning advice regarding land acquisitions for construction of the Evergreen rapid transit line in Metro Vancouver. Services included advising on property acquisition strategies, identifying development opportunities, and providing opinion reports needed for expropriation proceedings.

Land Use and Urban Economics Inputs to Rapid Transit Planning
Lower Mainland, BC

Coriolis was part of the team selected by Translink to evaluate opportunities and alternatives for extensions of the regional rapid transit system in Surrey and Langley. Our role included forecasting future population, employment, and land use in the area and analyzing the urban development potential of alternative alignments and station locations.

Transit Oriented Development
Calgary, AB

Coriolis assisted the City of Calgary with urban development planning around future transit stations on an extension of the LRT system. At one of these stations, Coriolis helped the City package a 15 acre site for disposition via Request for Proposals.

LRT Station Area Plans
City of Coquitlam, BC

The City of Coquitlam retained Coriolis to help develop station area plans for two of the proposed stations on a proposed transit line. When built, the new line will link neighbourhoods in Burnaby, Port Moody, and Coquitlam and will connect with Sky Train, West Coast Express, and buses.