Project Experience

Urban Planning, Development Policy & Economic Strategies

Official Community Plans and Growth Management Strategies
Growth Management Plan
Lacombe, AB

Coriolis assisted the town of Lacombe, Alberta with the preparation of a growth management plan, to guide future urban development to accommodate residential and commercial expansion.

Central Area Plan
Abbotsford, BC

For the City of Abbotsford, we completed a detailed land use and transportation plan and an implementation strategy for the City’s entire Central Area. Our work included managing a community and stakeholder consultation process, analyzing development prospects for the Central Area, presenting recommendations to staff and Council, and drafting the Plan.

Town Centre Plan
Langley, BC

For the City and the Township of Langley we prepared a land use and transportation concept plan for the entire town centre, including the older, historic district in the City and the concentration of new commercial development in the Township.

Official Community Plans
British Columbia

We have prepared plans, or portions of plans, for communities throughout BC including Kelowna, Vernon, Nelson, and Nanaimo.

Inputs to Growth Management Strategies
Greater Vancouver, BC

For the Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Squamish-Lillooet Regional Districts, we analyzed employment distribution patterns, forecasted potential employment growth by sector and by location, and identified implications for land use and transportation planning. We identified realistic strategies for managing the distribution of employment growth, in order to achieve better overall balance between population and employment distribution throughout the region.

Financial Inputs to Growth Management Strategies for Communities
British Columbia

For various communities in BC we have developed financial models to help communities choose the most cost-effective locations or conceptual planning approaches in which to accommodate new residential or commercial development. We have completed projects of this type in such diverse communities as Coquitlam, Kamloops, Fort St. John, and Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands).