Project Experience

Waterfront Planning
Riverfront Development Implementation Strategy – City of Edmonton, AB

Coriolis is helping the City of Edmonton create an implementation strategy for the development of a large parcel of City-owned riverfront land.

Steveston Harbour Industrial Strategy
Richmond, BC

For the City of Richmond, we drafted a strategic plan for all of the industrial lands in the Steveston area. One of the key aspects of this plan was determining the land requirements for marine related industry and for businesses that require waterfront industrial land. In addition, our work examined the requirements for general light industrial land in the community. This process included interviews with the major industrial land owners and the existing industrial businesses in Steveston.

Bridgeport Neighbourhood Plan
Richmond, BC

For the City of Richmond, we analyzed the opportunity for different waterfront and upland uses in the West Bridgeport area as part of the neighbourhood planning process for this mixed use industrial and commercial waterfront area. The study included an assessment of the demand for multifamily residential, retail and service, office, hotel, light industrial, and entertainment uses in the area. Our work included interviews with the existing businesses in the area and with the major land owners.

Waterfront Development Plan
Port Alberni, BC

For the Port Alberni Harbour Commission, we analyzed the potential for marina and commercial development on Commission lands. For the City of Port Alberni, we created a conceptual plan for a waterfront tourism project including restaurant, retail, pier, open space, and other uses.

Waterfront Plan
Powell River, BC

For the District of Powell River, we provided market and financial analysis inputs to a land use planning process for the entire central waterfront. Our work required assessing the demand for light industrial, marine related industrial and commercial businesses, residential, retail, and hotel.

Development Potential
Victoria Harbour, BC

For the Victoria Harbour Authority, we estimated the demand for various uses on Harbour lands including marina, hotel, retail, office, and multifamily residential. These demand estimates were used to help create a business plan for the transfer of the Harbour lands from the federal government to a local group.

Waterfront Site Development Plan
Kelowna, BC

For the City of Kelowna, we completed a conceptual development plan for a waterfront site in Downtown. This process included an assessment of the demand for hotel and residential uses on the lake. Following the planning process, we conducted a proposal call for the sale and development of a waterfront hotel and residential site. We negotiated the terms of a purchase and sale agreement and a development agreement.

Waterfront Development Potential
Squamish Harbour, BC

We completed a detailed analysis of the opportunity for port related uses on a large waterfront site in Squamish. Based on the analysis, we completed a conceptual development plan for the site and provided input to a marketing and development strategy for the property.