Project Experience

Specialized Processes
Transportation Infrastructure Funding Strategies

Coriolis is working with TransLink on the evaluation of potential new innovative strategies for funding future investment in rapid transit infrastructure.

Mississauga Public Market

A team of Coriolis and Dialog Architects was chosen by the City of Mississauga, Ontario to conduct a feasibility analysis and concept design for a possible new public market in the City’s downtown.

Municipal Finance Impact Analysis

Coriolis assisted Couverdon Real Estate, the urban development arm of TimberWest Forest Corp, and the Town of Ladysmith in analyzing the municipal financial implications of a proposed new residential community.

Campus Planning

Coriolis assists post-secondary institutions in planning the strategic use of campus lands. We have recently worked with Vancouver Community College (VCC) in developing long range visions for the future of its campus. We have also been helping BCIT in a similar exercise for its campus.

BCIT Campus Planning

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) engaged Coriolis to assist with long range campus planning for BCIT’s main campus in Burnaby, BC.

Urban Development Proposals

We have facilitated public meetings and workshops dealing with proposed urban development projects in a variety of settings.

Strategic Planning Sessions

We have facilitated brainstorming and working sessions for groups such as Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Associations, Tourism Associations, and Health Care Organizations.

Development Partnerships

We have facilitated working sessions involving public and private sector organizations exploring creative development partnerships, leading to agreements in principle for how to proceed with land assembly, cost sharing, or coordinated approvals.

Public Market
Portland, Oregon

Coriolis advised the Portland Economic Development Commission on the potential for creating an new downtown public market as a centrepiece in the redevelopment of a residential and heritage district.

Granville Island Planning
Vancouver, BC

Coriolis was part of a consulting team retained by CMHC to explore alternatives for enhancing Granville Island, located in Vancouver, BC. The work included exploring options for under-utilized sites on the Island. Coriolis has been providing strategic planning, market analysis, and financial analysis advisory services to Granville Island on various projects for over 25 years.