Project Experience

Financial Modeling
Transportation Infrastructure Funding Strategies

Coriolis is working with TransLink on the evaluation of potential new innovative strategies for funding future investment in rapid transit infrastructure.

Municipal Finance Impact Analysis

Coriolis assisted Couverdon Real Estate, the urban development arm of TimberWest Forest Corp, and the Town of Ladysmith in analyzing the municipal financial implications of a proposed new residential community.

Financial Analysis of Major Rezoning Projects
Vancouver, BC

Coriolis was retained to analyze the financial performance of two major rezoning and land development projects in the City of Vancouver. The sites included the East Fraser Lands, which involved the redevelopment of former industrial land along the Fraser River, and the Little Mountain site, formerly occupied by social housing and redeveloped to include a mix of market and social housing.

Tax Increment Financing
Calgary, AB

Coriolis worked with the City of Calgary to analyze the potential to use future growth in property tax revenues to finance major upgrades in infrastructure and amenities in a new downtown residential community.

Strategic Financial Planning
New Westminster, BC

Coriolis assisted the City of New Westminster in developing a long term financial strategy for meeting the community’s infrastructure and amenity requirements. We helped with forecasts of urban development potential over the next two decades, estimating major requirements for community facilities, and developing a strategic financial model to test alternative long range scenarios for taxation and capital expenditures. In a related project, we also helped the City develop new approaches to funding the costs of growth.